Amber Freund MFT Graduate Intern

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Amber's focus is on working with couples and families and acting as the facilitator for the clients desired growth and change. She strongly promotes the the belief that this is your journey, and you decide where the road takes you; Amber is there to help you along that path! She understands that past experiences help shape who we are and fuel our current state of being. Acknowledging this, she is here to help process and facilitate new experiences to promote desired growth and change! 


Amber strives to provide a compassionate, judgement-free, and safe environment for all clients. It is her goal that everyone involved in the therapy process feels comfortable in exploring and discussing their concerns, thoughts, and feelings to their desired extent. She prioritizes this while also acknowledging the therapy room as a place to go beyond surface level issues and into vulnerable exploration of suppressed emotions.


Amber is an Experiential Family Therapist and also incorporates Emotion Focused Family Therapy and Internal Family Systems Therapy in sessions when appropriate. 


Marriage and Family Therapy Graduate Intern, Mt. Mercy University

Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Educational Studies, Buena Vista University

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Amber provides therapy services free of charge



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