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PCIT: Parent Child Interaction Therapy

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PCIT International


What is PCIT?


PCIT (Parent Child Interaction Therapy) is an evidenced based intervention that works with children from the ages of 2-7 with disruptive behaviors. PCIT works with the parent and child to help develop a positive relationship while addressing the behavioral disruptions.  Our therapist uses a modification of the traditional PCIT protocol called IoWA PCIT, or Integration of Working Models of Attachment Parent Child Interaction Therapy.  During this modification the attachment between parent and child is assessed and integrated into the traditional PCIT protocol. 


What will my sessions look like?


During PCIT sessions your therapist will not be present in the room but will be watching and coaching through the other room via a camera and an ear piece.   Sessions typically last the same as any other therapy session which is 45-50 minutes.  .


Want to know more?

For further information please see The University of Iowa PCIT Lab  at or PCIT International at

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